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Many years ago they said:

She’s over-the-top, she’s lost her head

Why not give them the sweets and the cake?

Shame….poor little tots

I heard a rumour …. sweet stuff hidden everywhere

No one was sure

Whispers of ill health and spiked energy

Why risk it I thought?

Eat fruit instead


Do you know what they’ve done now? Those parents over there…

Really… not wanting to use baby-powder!

How silly, how sad, gives baby his smell ..

I heard rumour and whispers of large legal cases…..big companies

No one was sure, so I made the call

Not on my baby, no way no hell

He smells as he should, a touch of Lavender to calm

Rather than causing some unknown harm


She’s at it again, she’s completely insane

Who questions a doctor on prescribed meds?

What heresy …. Who cares if bacterium or virilliam?

You do as you’re told, yes Sir Rilliam!

I cried and I sobbed

Do mother’s not question these sorts of things?

I ask and I question for who else cares?

I love and protect … For I see how they fare.

Rumours and whispers again were afoot

Health resides in the gut

No one was sure

Why risk it I thought?

With the pull of a handle, a flush and a swirl, down the meds went

Good riddance I thought


What? You are kidding…. No injections for this or for that?

What is she thinking? She’s finally lost her mind

All babies must have them!

The rumblings and grumblings grew all around

The risk and the unknown just seem to gain ground

Possible damage to body and brain, so much controversy

Not chancing mine own

Why risk it I thought?

I had chicken pox and gee!.. it was horrid

But passed it sure did

This makes no sense, the list grows by the year

Left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg….

Thanks but we’ll pass

I know how this works for I’ve studied it well

The body is awesome and it will be just fine

They’ve been supported and loved and my how they thrive


What on earth is she thinking they gossiped and said

Do you know her child’s got asthma?

According to who I pondered and questioned? And just no cure?

What test and flow metre? What contextual milieu

There were rumbles and murmurs perhaps impacting the heart

No one was sure, but I will be smart

Why risk it I thought?

I researched instead and found healers and therapies, remedies and wisdom

And one crazy technique of deep breathing! … what magic and mystery

How are such cures unknown!

But how tragic….people should know

And look at him now, alive and aglow


They said: How cruel for those dear little kids,

She said no telly during the week?

Poor little mites always playing outside

There were rumours afoot

The telly may just turn

 your child’s brain into jelly

No screens here thank you

Why risk it I thought?

Get out…. Go and play. Get dirty and tired, I’ll call you for supper

And then collapse into bed, fulfilled and relaxed not wired and hyper


Completely neurotic she has to be!

Now toothpaste indeed!

Oh please it impacts the brain

She really is completely insane

There were rumours and mumblings

No one was sure

Why risk it I thought?

No sticky junk for your teeth and natural scrubs are fine

And look at you now all pearly and white,

 And I see you think clearly, well what a good sign


What? Can you believe it?

No… not allowed cereal and fizzy drinks?

She’s nuts I tell you, maybe she just overthinks

Rumours of risk to body and mind

Rely on good food to balance the mood

Why risk it  I thought?

Be cruel to be kind

Eggs my loves? Or avo on toast?

Good choices my lovelies, you’ll be healthier than most


Poor child, they said, 16 and still

To bed she says, it’s bedtime at 9

Some rumbles and whispers of poor mental health

That sleep, oh magic sleep heals perfectly fine

Why risk it I thought?

Bed my darlings, grab a book on your way

I promise you good brains for all of your days


You cook every night? Oh what a hack!

Let down your hair and grab a take-out!

You just can’t compare….

But spices and herbs and fresh wholesome ware

Stirred with blessings and love

The whispers were there, throughout all the ages

Good food, good life

Why risk it I thought? The junk and for speed

Convenience not worth it when visited by dis-ease

I’ll prep and I’ll plan and I’ll cook and I’ll bake

For in these gestures they know they are loved

And sometimes my feet ache, it’s a blessing, gran said

Along with the lessons of fresh air and the sun

When you feel a bit down or in pain from the cramps

Get up and go out, no tablets required


Insanity they say! No injection at this time?

The world is in crisis

But everyone has to, she just thinks too much

Why she always has to make such a fuss

The rumbles and moans begin to take hold

And I recall all the wisdom that I’ve been told

These toxins and new things

No thanks and no way

Take care of yourselves and blessings to you

I will care for myself and my loved ones too

They can whisper and rumour – how crazy, how nuts

So grateful for clear thinking


And I mix and blend my potions and lotions

And dig in the soil for fresh produce

I use products gentle for this beautiful earth

I feed the soil and her worms scraps from the hearth

Crazy they say

Really? And you?

Surely this is a nasty floo

Why risk it I thought?

No toxins and floxins

No fluoride or junk

No chemicals for me

With effects we can’t see

No weird particles that no-one knows

No gels and no jabs

I just don’t trust the labs


Why risk it I thought?

I’ll keep shiny eyes and glossy teeth

Strong hands and dirty feet

Clear skin and clear mind

Strong bones and firm thoughts

Blessed sunshine for health

And grass for soles and toes

Fresh veg and real food

Full heart and connected soul

For this makes me whole

Compassion for others

Love for humanity

Even those who doubt my sanity

No fear welcome here

Only the right to be me

My choice for a life healthy and free

For all that I love, my life and my loves

Why risk it I thought?

                                    Musings by Dominique Garnett

Finding Myself in a Strange Movie
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