Nutritional Coaching

When people come to see me as a therapist, most of the time, it is because that person is looking for change in same way, shape or form. When we want to change, it is important to be functioning as well as we can, in order to be able to change and for that change to be as lasting as possible and not overwhelming. If our brains are not functioning well, change is difficult and stressful. When our bodies cause us discomfort we don’t feel motivated and hopeful about change and finding new meanings for our lives.

How do we ensure the brain is functioning optimally?

In the words of Dr. John Arden, author of The Brain Bible “Diet dramatically affects the way the brain functions. By learning how to maximize a healthy diet you can enhance brain performance.”

The same can be said for body-health. The more comfortable we feel in our physical bodies the more likely we are to optimize other areas of our functioning.

I have always understood the importance of good nutrition and many years ago studied nutrition. Given that I tend to assist many people with nutritional information, to enhance holistic wellness, I thought it was about time that I updated my own knowledge and skill. For this reason, I decide to further my studies and it was well worth it as I have deepened my knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of health, wellness and nutrition. So I can now call myself a Nutrition Coach! Through Precision Nutrition I am now able to offer nutritional coaching. I feel that this goes hand-in-hand with my work as a psychologist, which is about health and wellness, both mentally, emotionally and physically.  As a narrative therapist it has also expanded my understanding of the stories we tell and live by, about food, eating and how we have been informed by our families, friends and society about health and wellness.

I hope to be able to run workshops on nutrition in the future as well as work with groups focusing on nutrition, health and wellness in a holistic mind-body-spirit form.

A quote from Nutrition Precision:

“Thinking about food only as fuel reduces food to gasoline, your body to a dumb machine, and you to a calorie accountant. You’re more than that.

Food and your body deserve a lot more recognition and honor.

The more we learn, research and coach, the more we’re amazed at the power of food.”

Yours in Getting-the-basics-right