Engaging with Trauma


Engaging with Trauma

Engaging with trauma can be a daunting prospect.  Whether this is trauma experienced by a once-off incident or through the accumulation of many traumas over the course of a lifetime, these traumas can become deeply ingrained in the body.  I am informed by a body-oriented approach which is based on the premise that our bodies have an innate ability to be able to heal, to be re-set after trauma.  At times, talking about a traumatic experience may cause an individual to feel retraumatised and for this reason, a body-oriented approach can be a gentle way to renegotiate the painful scars left by trauma and to trigger a healing response in the body, mind and spirit.

Traumas leaves interesting stories, written into and onto our bodies and guided by Narrative Therapy ideas, this can assist in the healing process.  There is life after trauma and the potential to grow despite an individual’s experiences. Through renegotiating trauma there is possibility …..

Each person has a unique experience, a unique response, different understandings of trauma and therefore each renegotiating of trauma is engaged with in gentle and respectful ways to encourage integration and healing, best suited for the person seeking ease within their lives.

You may not desire to forgive and forget petty things, until one day you realize your body will not forgive you for not forgiving others for so long – for in so doing you have made your own body carry the anger – burden in the neck and back and hips and shoulders – your body holding the hard tensions you demand your body suffer by your not forgiving.  Ever understand this then: forgiving others, will re-bless your body, granting peace and rest to your most faithful and innocent consort. So dear brave soul, in forgiving, in your own way, whether in small steps or by sudden complete leaps, blessed be. Blessed be Peace be with you. Blessed be Peace unto you.  Blessed Peace be yours to grant unto others. Ever.”  Taken from Clarissa Pinkola Estes.