Counselling Psychologist: Reg No: PS0128805 | Practice No: 0642096 | Narrative Therapist

Who am I?

It is a complex question to answer and even more difficult to pin down.  So I will try my best to give you a brief outline to who I am, some of the philosophies that guide me and the way in which I work.

I am a mother of three, live in a rambling old house with dogs and cats, and various visitors, stragglers, travelers and friends passing through one of the many doors of our house.  My partner and I have had a varied life full of challenges intermingled with much beauty.  Living on a farm has exposed me to the diversity, poverty, joy and simple living through working with the community which has helped me develop through listening to other stories of lives different from my own.

I have sold flowers, baked cupcakes for extra income, had an antique shop, hosted Ladies Days under the rambling kiwi-fruit vine.  These are some of my dabblings and there are others I that have slipped my mind! And I know there will be many more to come!

What guides me?

I am guided by Narrative Practice ethics, which resonate deeply with me as they are guiding ideas of meeting the other in a respectful and curious manner and encourages a deep appreciation for the lived experience of the person I am engaging with. However, I am constantly growing and changing which means I am always open to learning and looking at problems differently.  One of my guiding principles is to be curious.  Each person is unique, and brings to therapy, a very unique set of circumstances, memories and beliefs.  This then becomes the very essence of the therapeutic conversation, of collaboration with another person and being able to learn from each other.  I am passionate about people and finding alternate stories.  All of us are multi-storied people and very often we live our lives by the single track story we have of our lives, or by the story society tells us to live by.  In this way we forget or perhaps don’t even know the other untold stories, the forgotten stories about ourselves.  I believe in possibilities.  The aim of therapy is to journey and explore stories of survival, struggle, resilience or stories not yet even named.

In the words of Tom Anderson, he captures the value of language: ” we do not know what we think until we speak”.  Most people who consult me are people who seek an alternate way of understanding themselves, the world around them or the challenges they face.  I work with couples, individuals and families. At times therapeutic conversations are required and at times other more creative explorations may be needed. The key is individually suited therapy that evolves organically to best serve each individual on a journey to healing.

The body also holds ‘stories’ within it and imprinted on it and words cannot reach these stored hurts and beliefs and at these junctures I am also guided by body-oriented psychotherapy and based very much on the work done and explored by Peter Levine.  This is beautiful, gentle work that is particularly helpful when dealing with Trauma and Anxiety.  Sometimes words and talking cannot move us to a place when the body is locked into fear or shut-down from feeling anything and at these times a gentler approach can be helpful. Each person that engages with any form of therapy is so unique and it is through a collaborative process that we work through and decide on the best way forward in therapy to create ease, harmony, balance and more comfort.


What is my role and what can I offer?

I hope to be able to offer a small gap in a busy day, to allow a large exhale and to have a conversation that may assist a person to access skills, ideas and alternate view to enable a sense of competency or ease within their life.

Why would you need help?

My Focus

Being curious and interested in the self and life

Therapeutic conversations to explore personal meaning

Collaborative approach dealing with problems and life’s challenges

Offering a space to explore how to invite more ease into one’s life

Develop a wider range of life-narratives

Reconnecting holistically in order to attain balance and harmony

“To be able to connect with our self, the significant others in our lives, our bodies, the world around us and the natural environment can have a deeply profound healing effect on us. Trauma, heartache, and stress can create in us a sense of being disconnected, not belonging or feeling alone. Therapy is about the movement of feelings and beliefs and about reconnecting where connections have been lost.  It is the first step on a beautiful journey to wholeness. I would be honoured to join you on that journey.